Saturday, June 11, 2011

Top 5 Handy Tools for Modern Writers: Must-Haves to Keep up the Writer’s Pace

There are a lot of distinct differences between the journalists and authors of recent years and the contemporary writer. Although the characteristics inventiveness, originality and unique style remain, the tools or instruments that are used by these creative persons have evolved through time.

In olden days, what essayists needed were very simple implements like pieces of paper, pencils and pens and some books for references. Because of technology advancement, these frugal and simple devices develop into modern typewriters and bond papers. Nowadays, sophisticated gadgets have become available to modern writers.

According to several research survey results and published materials, there are top five tools that modern writers should possess to become successful with their endeavors.

1.      Laptop
Perhaps the most common and popular tool for modern writers is the ever-reliable desktop or laptop. These computer hardware items come in numerous models and sizes. They can easily be purchased in computer shops, malls, warehouse outlets and specialized shops. You can even order all types of computers from online distributors.

2.      Software and Back-Up Devices
Of course, the hardware cannot be functional without the appropriate software. Once you have purchased your preferred computer, the next step is to have all the necessary applications and programs such as word processing, database processing and anti-virus products by a proficient technician. Writers should also make it a point to acquire back-up apparatus such as USB devices and CDs. Many writers also send what they have just finished to their own email accounts so they can always access these in internet shops.

3.      References
The third essential tool is the correct set of reference materials that can help you in the research process. Again, because of technology, printed publications have become somewhat outdated since any information materials that writers need are available in websites and search engines. Surfing the internet is more convenient compared to doing research in libraries or buying books and magazines.

4.      Style Guide
The fourth tool is the style guide. It may not be that well-known but this is very useful particularly for academic writers. Some of the more prominent formats are MLA, Chicago, APA and Harvard.

5.      Support System
The last but probably the most important is the constant support and supply of information and suggestions from fellow writers. The 21st century writer needs to open communication lines with other professionals who can pitch in new and fresh concepts. They can also serve as critiques or advisers. You can always locate other writers online through a widely held writing blog or social media such as Twitter and Facebook.

It will also be useful to have a personal blog since this provides an opportunity for other writers to interact with you. It is also a site where other professionals, editors and users can visit and comment on the pieces that we have written. Blogs can be created anytime for free.

However, more than these essential tools, the contemporary writer needs a lot of patience and understanding. While the times have changed, the concept remains and that is what writers should keep in mind at all times despite the growth of technology and the changing times.

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