Monday, June 27, 2011

3 Weeks to brand your blog: Will you join the journey?

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First impression lasts. Or so have I thought? Is it really necessary to spend ample time planning before we eventually blog to make sure our online presence really rocks? I haven’t thought much about it way back my early days in blogging, but I soon realized how important self branding really is (for my blog and for myself as a whole). How about you? Would you like to brand your blog, too? Whatever it is that you believe in, just try to open up your mind and consider spending a day or more in mapping out your blog plan.

Week 1: Motivate yourself to know thy self.

Oftentimes, it takes so much time before we finally determine what we want to do in life. True enough it does not just take one night and voila, we already have it going and we’ll end up where we perfectly fit. Just like Napoleon Hill who incurred so much lessons and finally found himself writing motivational books, for sure, we’ve got a place in this world full of buzz.

However, in cyberspace, to make your mark, just as search engines patrol your posts (just as spiders crawl) you’d also need to determine what you would like to post about. In doing this, spend your first day knowing yourself a bit further. Know what you really want to attain. Is it to spread the word about leadership just as John Maxwell did? Is it about the best cars ever just as Henry Ford did? It’s your call. Besides you are captain of your ship. Hence, you play your own cards here.

To start with, here are some energizing activities you can perform:

·         Create a dream board.  Envision your long-time dream coming true. Whatever it is, claim it in your heart that no one can take it away from you. Not being selfish, this is simply to create that lasting mark in your mind that you can really attain your aim.

·         Research. Creating your blog plan also entails knowing who to emulate. If there was already someone who left a mark in the field you are eying, try to learn about their strategies. From there, you’ll gather hints on how they have made it thus far. Likewise, it should leave you a thought that “if they made it, I can too!”

·         Chant your dream out. Autosuggestion, the mental process of affirming yourself the success you believe you’d acquire, is a very powerful technique to help you start your blog branding journey. Try saying or telling your mind what you want to accomplish and live by that idea each day. In turn, you’ll realize its power as you begin to make each day count – all to accomplish that heartfelt dream you claimed so deeply.

… Coming up next: Week 2: Your Branding Toolkit

** Note: Each step for the week does not correspond to actual timeframes. It is within the sole discretion of the reader as to how he/she would like to follow the recommendations. 

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