Sunday, June 26, 2011

3 Foolproof Ways to Keep Your Heart Fired up to Write about Web Content


As I look for an inspiration to write, most especially about web content, I try thinking about what readers would often ask about the web content writing niche. With my hands tired of clicking the mouse last night, ideas kept on buzzing through my ears (yet my hands have been unable to type just one key). Yet with my desire to keep the fire burning, I just stood still with my word (which is to produce content for my blog consistently). Thus, here are nine of my most recommended tips for the web content writer who wants to step a notch off the writer’s block.

1.   Fly (Just like Peter Pan).

Flying won’t hurt. Just try. Keep your mind healthy by thinking of happy thoughts. When was the last time you smiled? Can you remember? What can you consider as the happiest moment in your life? Did someone compliment you today? Most importantly, do you still have your definite purpose intact with you? That, I believe, is one thing to be happy about.

2.    List, list, list.

I guess this tip is best for those who are obsessed partly with organizing, but it works (at least for me and a friend initialed as J.A.). Try searching some books about creating checklists and you’ll see how this simple step of listing does work! As you see, it’s how the process of autosuggestion that’s taking over the mind during such system. Thus, whatever you envision of yourself through listing, you’ll most likely achieve (thanks to Sir Napoleon Hill’s works that I’ve learned about this).

3.   Invest on web content writing books.

Finally, to gear yourself towards writing web content further, it greatly helps if you also try to locate powerful reads to enhance your skills. Learn from those who have made it far in this niche. Did they practice that habit of polishing writing skills by reading more? Why not do this, too, my friend? You might just learn that most sought after technique to lure a thousand blog followers.

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  1. if i think of something i wanted to write, i'd think that other people would find this boring.. but it's my blog so what should i care about the thoughts of others right? so yeah, i think flying is very important


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