Sunday, June 19, 2011

Killer Blog Topics that Work: My List of General Topics for Writing

Watching the World Pass By

In search of blog topics I can write about, I’ve decided to come up with an article to help myself determine the possible topics you might want to read about.  The following list contains a run-down of the general purpose of an article and will not deal much (for now) with the more specific content. If you have other suggestions for some general topics for a writing blog such as this one, feel free to comment.

The Human Interest Story

If I were to create another killer article soon, I’d really love that to be massive. Talk about lots of comments and everything, but then, how massive is massive? Lots of spamments, spammers, and link exchangers asking for cross links? Nope. I guess (and even Shakespeare would agree) that noteworthy blogs would have to be of huge interest to readers – and so I begin with the human interest story.

This article or blog post would really have to engage readers at first glance. Knowing that oftentimes readers only have 10 seconds to spare and 55 seconds more to understand your purpose (which I learned from the Entheos website), the blogger must be cautious of this.

Now how can a post be considered as interesting? Here are some points:

-      Must have that pizzazz
-      Must be original or “reimagined” (a term I discovered through Content Rules – more about this term through my later posts)
-      Must be reader-centered
-      Must be attention-grabbing (in a natural way)
-      Must excite readers

How-to Article

Lo and behold, how-to articles have always been one of the most recommended types of articles of all time. This may be why websites like,,, etc. have been popular nowadays.  

With the various tips and techniques to do certain tasks, there’s no way this type of blog topic would run out of date (unless you’re a robot, of course). Just number up the techniques to do something and you’re set.

Featured Expert Article

One thing I’ve learned from Napoleon Hill (though I haven’t met him yet – and maybe that’s during my afterlife) about being successful in life is to follow the footsteps of someone who “has been there.” Thus, perhaps this principle also applies to writing.

To create that buzz, the writer can thus locate an expert in a particular field and form the questions for interview. Definitely, after letting the interviewee answer these questions, voila – you already have an article! This can be in a Q & A form, a dialogue format, or a narrative.


After taking the time to think about these general types of articles, now, you, the writer, can then spread the article’s wings and share it with your future fans (which, by the way, is my next topic.)

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