Monday, July 18, 2011

Week 3: Blog Branding in Business

          Entrepreneur aptly defines branding as “the marketing practice of creating a name, symbol or design that identifies and differentiates a product from other products.” The useful brand strategy provides an entrepreneur a considerable edge in a competitive market situation. The brand conveys to potential clients what to look forward to your products and services. It also distinguishes your commodity from what is being sold by other enterprises.

Understand Branding

            Your brand is what customers, friends and rivals know about your business. The belief of most people is that the theory of branding is all about logos and packaging. Actually, the aspects of branding – logos, websites, marketing, layouts and content are not all that matter. There are other vital factors such as promoting customer knowledge and interaction with your goods and services. You have to employ marketing tactics and strategies to promote constant interface with your client base.


            You have to be an expert in networking. You can only build and publicize your brand through establishing a massive set of connections. It pays to interact a lot and be present in prominent networking activities. It is not enough to give our business cards away. Be sincere and determine what you can do for other people. Develop long-term relationships and convince people that you are there to listen to them and extend a helping hand. It is not enough to be physically present in these events.

            Create a unique and positive impression. You cannot generate a constructive reputation overnight. According to ideamarketers, “every business has an image, regardless of whether it has tried to create one or not. It is made up of the way that it is perceived by its employees and its customers, and also by the general public. It is essential that the image reflects your commitment to quality, excellence and more importantly to how you deal with relationships.” Remember to be honest and straightforward in your dealings with the people in your network.

            Make sure to convey a deep-seated and unswerving brand message. Take the business card as an example. One advice from experienced businessmen is to produce a so-called personal brand card and come up with an impressive slogan that stands for your personal brand message. If possible, include your catchphrase and a link to your email signature.

Building your Brand Online

            It is necessary to build a strong brand. This has been said and written about over and over again. You need to invest in your brand online not only through financial resources but to build an “entity that will resonate with your customers and keep them coming back again and again even when there is no deal or promotion to entice them. Searchengineland stresses that “putting in place your brand online will certainly heighten responsiveness and strengthen your reputation. The more people are attracted to your brand, the bigger the chances that they will aggressively search for it and stay loyal to you. Never regret the fact that you have invested so much in your brand. Continue to do so!”

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